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Orthokeratology, also known as ortho-k, is a non-permanent process that uses hard contacts to reshape the eyes so that the user does not have to wear glasses or contacts all of the time. Our optometrist in West New York here at Dr. Romeu Eye Associates can tell you if you are a good candidate for ortho-k.

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What is Ortho-K?

Ortho-k involves using special rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses to reshape the cornea of your eyes while you sleep. When worn consistently, the reshaping of your eyes remains between wearings, allowing users to go without vision correction during the day. If you stop wearing the lenses, the results fade away and your eyesight returns to normal.

Who is Orthokeratology Good For?

Most people who are treated using orthokeratology have mild to moderate myopia, with or without mild astigmatism. However, it is also used to treat more severe cases of myopia or hyperopia by some doctors. Only an in-person visit to an eye doctor in West New York can determine whether you are a good candidate.

People choose ortho-k for a number of reasons, such as not being able to wear contacts at their workplace and not wanting to wear glasses. It is also being used as a possible method of myopia control for some young people. Myopia control is anything that is used to slow the progression of childhood myopia, which tends to worsen for a number of years before stabilizing.

What are the Benefits of Ortho-K?

The main benefit of ortho-k is being able to not wear glasses during the day. This is great for athletes, especially those who are swimming or playing contact sports. It is also good for people who simply do not like the appearance of glasses or contacts. Unlike laser surgery, it is not permanent and if a person does not like the effects, they can simply stop using it.

Although not all people are candidates, studies have shown that the great majority of people (93-95 percent) who are fitted with orthokeratology lenses achieve better than 20/40 vision, which is the minimum to drive a car without corrective lenses in the U.S. A smaller majority (67 percent) achieved 20/20 vision or better.

What is the Process of Fitting Ortho-K Lenses?

When you and our optometrist in West New York decide that ortho-k lenses are the right decision for you, we will start the fitting. We will map the surface of your eyes in order to fit the lenses correctly, and then provide you with the first pair. In most cases, patients require at least two to three pairs of lenses in order to achieve the best results.

During the process, you may need glasses or contacts with a lesser prescription during the day. For some people, the process only takes a couple of days, but it can take up to a few weeks. Once the final results are achieved, you typically need to wear the lenses every night, although some people can wear them every other night successfully.

Ortho-K Lens Fittings in West New York

Here at Dr. Romeu Eye Associates, our eye doctor in West New York can assess your vision and decide if you are a good candidate for ortho-k lenses. Call us today at (201) 868-3603 to let us help you find the best vision correction method for you!

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